Orte » Сквер у пункта скорой медицинской помощи в Йоханнштадте

eingestellt am 18.12.2019 von Matthias Kunert (QM Johannstadt), zuletzt geändert am 30.04.2020

Following construction of the ambulance station on Gerokstraße in December of 2016, the work of restructuring the nearby empty lot of land will begin. Under the supervision of the landscaping firm EVERGREEN, the overgrown plot will be transformed into an attractive and multifunctional commons for use by visitors of all ages.

The plans echo, in many ways, the area’s history: both new and recycled concrete slabs are employed as fencing elements, graffiti encouraged. In the greens’ southern area between forest-like wood pilings, several “rooms” emulate a standardized three-bedroom apartment. In the “Living room”, a concrete sofa suggests a leisurely sit and chat. A “Kids’ room” references the fleeting nature of youth through the use of cement panels featuring a sort of yearly calendar. The “Bedroom’s” king size mattress invites us to have a seat, or a nap. On reaching the “Kitchen”, one is presented a multicolored vegetarian ratatouille made up of the previous construction’s colorfully tiled bricks.

The greens will serve as an ideal court for sports as well, whether slack lining or a game of pick-up soccer. The existing footpath connections will also be preserved and a new main path, parallel to the ambulance station, will be added. More information about the greens project and the history of the place can be found on-site.


Foto: Henning Seidler
Foto: Henning Seidler
Foto: Matthias Erfurth







Text: evergreen landschaftsarchitekten