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The Dresden Evangelical Academy is a nationally recognized high school with a current enrollment of nearly 700 students. The Academy offers classes in social work, deaconship, nursing, elementary/day-care pedagogy and social management taught by a highly qualified staff. Favoring hands-on learning, students are given the opportunity to receive an experience based education in the lively environment of an active campus. The Dresden Evangelical Academy is open to all students, regardless of religious affiliation or creed. Theological and Philosophical themes are integrated into every course of study.

Our contribution Johannstadt:

Full-time degree courses:

  • Social Work (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees)
  • Elementary Education (Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Nursing Dual (Bachelor’s Degree)

In-service degree courses:

  • Social Work (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Social Pedagogy with an emphasis on Elementary and day-care education (Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Social Management (Master’s Degree)
  • Post-graduate counseling course (Master’s Degree)

Post-graduate and further education courses as well as scientific seminars are the cornerstones of the Academy’s educational model, and are implemented through the Social Sciences Further Education Institute. This institute offers students and other interested parties experience-based extended education opportunities in an atmosphere designed for a variety of social work fields.

Where you can find us:
Dürerstraße 25, 01307 Dresden
(Handicapped accessible)
Phone: 0351-469020

Please contact:
Susann Kaiser, Katja Legler, Administrative assistants
We speak: English

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