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eingestellt am 08.03.2023 von Torsten Görg (Stadtteilfonds), zuletzt geändert am 08.03.2023

The Stadtteilladen Johannstadt: A place for encounters and creativity

Since 2018, the Stadtteilverein Johannstadt e.V. has been a tenant of the shop office at Pfotenhauerstraße 66, which has become known as “Späti”, and used it as a project office for “Nachhaltige Johannstadt 2025” until 2022. During this time, the Stadtteilladen has established itself as a contact point for residents who want to implement ideas for the sustainable development of the district and are looking for support.

After the project funded by the BMU ended in September 2022, the association decided to extend the lease and to further develop the premises. People in the neighborhood had previously expressed an interest in a creative meeting place and a little more culture in the district. So an application for funding from the Stadtteilfonds was made, which the Stadtteilbeirat approved. Now the district shop can be filled with life.

In addition to the Stadtteilverein itself, there are already three other users: the initiative “anders grow”, the project “Utopolis” and the BewusstSinn e.V. with its project “Kornkreise”. Previous events were the “Dance into Advent” with the Klezmer Trio, the “Singing Mantras” and the “Song Recital” with the record choir, each with 20 to 30 guests. A small concert by a Johannstadt musician is planned for May.

The condition for using the rooms is that the idea serves the purposes of the Stadtteilverein. If you have any ideas, please contact the Stadtteilverein. And if you just want to come by, you can find out about the next dates in the event calendar.

The Stadtteilladen Johannstadt is a place for encounters and creativity. This is where ideas can emerge and be implemented. The well-attended events showed how important it is to have places where people can come together and get involved. We look forward to further exciting events and projects in the Stadtteilladen Johannstadt!

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