Orte » Water Sports Facility and Boathouse on Käthe Kollwitz

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The boathouse serves a storage facility and a repair shop for motorboats. It was built in the mid-60s by members of the Elbe Dresden motorboat club, who continue to lease the building. It also served as their first clubhouse. Later the club moved their headquarters to the harbor in Loschwitz, after Dresden’s White Fleet ceased to use it as their winter mooring place. In both the Johannstadt and Loschwitz locations, both of which the club has leased since 1990, there is room for storing or mooring 45 boats. The club’s members engage in boating sports on almost all of Europe’s major bodies of water.

Address and Contact:
Käthe-Kollwitz-Ufer 33 b, 01307 Dresden
Owner-operated Sports Facilities, City of Dresden
Phone: 0351-4881601
E-Mail: sport@dresden.de

Leased to Elbe Dresden motorboat club
Phone: 0351-268 36 76
E-Mail: info@mc-elbe-dresden.de
Web: www.mc-elbe-dresden.de

Foto: Christina Eppers

Text: Landeshauptstadt Dresden, Eigenbetrieb Sportstätten