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eingestellt am 18.12.2019 von Matthias Kunert (QM Johannstadt), zuletzt geändert am 04.05.2020

The New Israelite Cemetery was opened on June 2, 1867. The funeral hall, which he placed in the central axis of the cemetery grounds as the central focus, was built the previous year according to plans by the architect Ernst Giese. In the same year the first funeral took place in this cemetery. After the closure of the Old Jewish Cemetery on Pulsnitzer Strasse in Dresden’s Neustadt, further funerals took place here in 1870. With the beginning of the National Socialist dictatorship in 1933, the process of persecution, displacement and murder of Dresden’s Jewish population began. Many of the tombstones reflect this story. During the bombing on February 13, 1945, the site and the mourning hall were hit several times. A new building was erected on the foundation walls of the hall in 1950, which served the Dresden Jewish Community both as a synagogue and as a mourning hall until the consecration of the New Synagogue on Hasenberg in 2001 and is still used as a mourning hall to this day. Due to the strong growth of the community since the 1990s due to the immigration of Jews from the former Soviet Union and the Jewish regulation that the graves should be created for eternity, the previous cemetery site was no longer sufficient. The extension of the New Israelite Cemetery was dedicated on November 12, 2014.

Where you can find us:
Fiedlerstraße 3, 01307 Dresden
Phone: 0176-47609136

Hours of operation:
Sunday through Friday
Varying in Summer and Winter

Please contact:
Volodymyr Zhakin, Cemetery master
Akiva Weingarten, Rabbi

Foto: Bertil Kalex